Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control (APC) is a term that can include a range of advanced control methodologies.  The common objective is to find a way to manage complex interactions within a process better than traditional regulatory control.
On the basis of conventional automatic control in process industry enterprises, Advanced Process Control adopts strategies such as multivariable predictive control, intelligent control, soft measurement and process calculation to realize energy saving and efficiency increase in production process, it also can improve the control quality of complex process, enhance the anti-interference ability and robustness of the system, and reduce manual labor intensity

Key Components

  • Stable and reliable real-time data reading and writing platform

    APC-iSYS is composed of key real-time database components which are an important data platform to achieve advanced process control, soft sensing, process calculation,
  • Multivariable robust predictive control software

    APC-Adcon is the key product of Advanced Process Control, including identification, modeling, controller design,simulation, configuration and online application
  • Modeling, configuration, online operation of the integration of soft - sensing software

    APC-Adcon integrates the data preprocessing, auxiliary variable selection, off-line modeling and simulation, and on-line running functions in one place, which plays as an important role in Advanced Process Control.
  • Flexible and convenient controller design platform