compressor control system

Compressor Control System

Instead of being associated with the process, compressor control schemes in the process industry only protect compressors, and unit control is done manually. When there are large fluctuations in the process or unstable conditions during the start-up, manual operation may lead to process instability or even shutdown.

Based on anti-surge, speed regulation, performance control and other control policies, SUPCON Compressor Control System (CCS) and its products realize safety protection, auto start or shutdown and automatic control of compressors.
  • Compressor Station Of Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline

    CCS can realize remote monitoring of ventilation, motor cooling, fire and gas system, power distribution and supply system of compressor unit and auxiliary workshop. It can also realize high efficiency anti-surge control, performance control and load balance control of parallel compressor unit.
  • Air Compressor For Large Air Separation Unit

    The decoupling algorithm of dynamic outlet pressure control and surge control brought by CCS solution can effectively improve the operation stability of the supercharger.
  • Refrigerating Compressor

    Refrigeration compressors are used in the olefin, coal chemical, LNG and chemical fertilizer industries. CCS can well solve the problem of mutual interference and cold & heat balance between the cooling rate control, temperature control and surge control, and greatly reduce the fluctuation in the operation of equipment
  • Gas Cracking Compressor For Ethylene Plant

    Crack gas compressors are essential for the smooth operation of ethylene plants. The CCS solution provides performance control that allows the inlet pressure to operate close to the downline, and the interval pressure and outlet pressure to operate close to the upper limit while maintaining a stable control of the inlet pressure.
  • Continuous Reforming Of The New Hydrogen Supercharger

    Reforming reaction pressure is an important parameter in the whole process and is easily affected by external temperature and other factors. CCS uses two control loops to control the compressor speed and the inlet discharge torch valve respectively. Through precise loop control, the anti-surge valve can be all closed, reducing energy consumption
  • Refining Catalytic Cracking Unit Compressor

    In the catalytic unit, the flow rate of the main fan and the inlet pressure of the rich gas compressor are the key process variables. CCS can automatically control the inlet pressure of the guide vane of the main fan and the rich gas compressor as well as the inlet discharge valve, so as to stabilize the compressor and process operation, avoid unnecessary shutdown, and improve the quality of oil