Energy Management System

Energy and emission management has been a old story in the everchanging industry development history. But for many enterprises, the corresponding solution is still fragmented, and results far from satisfactory, owing to multifaceted problems around planni

SUPCON Energy Management Software (EMS) can automatically monitor, collect, store and calculate the information of energy medium such as water, electricity, steam, solid fuel, etc. which will be the basis for further energy optimization solutions and fine energy management from comprehen
  • Full Energy Flow Monitoring

    Deeply understand the characteristics of the industry and comprehensively sort out the energy processes of the enterprise by throughout realtime energy flow monitoring. Optimize the energy flow diagram monitoring design to meet the energy management business habits and deliver a clear navigation browsing of energy overview - energy subsystem - workshop/device.
  • Data Driven & Modeling Based Management

    Build the library of energy efficiency models for various industrial equipments such as circulating pumps, compressors, freezers, boiler heat, steam turbines, distillation towers, electrolyzers, and transformers, etc. Through energy digital modeling, the enterprise energy index system framework is constructed, and various energy management function modules covering energy statistics, accounting, analysis and performance evaluation are established to provide comprehensive data support for enterprise energy management.
  • Information Visualization & Flexible Display

    Big Screen Display User can customize the big screen display interface according to the energy characteristics of the enterprise, to display the main energy performance indicator of the enterprise. And it supports data linkage interaction and data drilling, providing a window for energy information perspective. Mobile APP A handheld terminal is provided to receive alarm messages, view reports, flowcharts, historical trends, etc., which helps the user grasp the enterprise energy consumption status at any time any place.