Normal/High Pressure Linear Motion Control Valve

LN / LM Series

LN series are characterized by insensitive to impurities and exellent sealing performance. LM series with large capacity high pressure globe valve body, thick wall bonnet, Metal-seated quick -changeable trim combination, ensures safety and credibility in high pressure conditions. Fast and easy to maintenance due to its rotational symmetry and quick-changeable trim combination.

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LN8100 Top Guided Single-Seated
Control Valve

LN81 Series Globe Control Valve has many advantages such as high flow capacity, high accuracy, good sealing performance and easy maintenance on site.


LN87 Series Cage Guided Globe
Control Valve

LN87 Series Globe Control Valve has the unique platform and modul design make it easy to remove and displace the parts without special tools.Technial Parameters


LM81 Series High Pressure Globe
Control Valve

High control accuracy, good sealing performance, simple structure, strong versatility.


LM87 Series High Pressure Globe
Control Valve

Good dynamic stability, high control accuracy and high flow capacity.