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Real-time Database

Data is constantly updated and rapidly changed, and the transactions have time constraints. How to collect and connect the scattered data, integrate the data island and unlock the real value of data? You have to solve very detailed problems around data acquisition, storage, configuration, calculation, reporting, visualization and analysis, etc.

SUPCON Real-time Database can serve as a bridge between the bottom control network and the upper management information network. provideing a real-time process data base and comprehensive information platform for data integration, analysis that can support the construction of subsequent information systems and further applications, such as advanced process control, alarm management, production management, asset management, energy management, safety management, etc.
  • Data Acquisition

    Distributed cross-network acquisition from multiple data sources. Support 200+ Protocols, including OPC, DDE, Modbus, IEC60870, ODBC/JDBC, OLEDB, ASCII , etc. Support on-premise and cloud deployment. Support break-point resumption, so as to avoid data loss due to temporary communication disruption Hot standby deployment to secure uninterupted data acquisition.
  • Data Processing & Storage

    Combine lossless compression and lossy compression technology to support mass data storage and high-speed query. Support basic statistical functions (minimum, maximum, average, sum), allowing aggregated queries. Support virtual tag script function, facilitating conversion of raw data from different data sources into valuable business data, such us various KPI. No upper limit on the physical storage capacity.
  • Data Utilization

    Strict data encryption and authority management at multiple levels on users’ every single operation, including read-write, transmission, interface configuration, etc. Offer third-party systems (such as MES, ERP, CRM, OA, etc.) with real time data accesses via various interface types, including OPC DA, C++, .Net, JAVA, WebService, SQL, etc. Provide real-time production process monitoring and historical data query accesses within the scope of user authorities via Internet web browsers and mobile terminals. Support association between graphics and tags details. Embedded with real-time report plug-in.
  • Data Calculation & Modeling

    Built-in script computing engine, encapsulating various data computing interfaces, supports secondary development and expansion requiring high-volume and high-frequency computing tasks. Advanced calculations support Industrial-specific data abstraction (such as building the overall equipment effectiveness index, energy/ production material consumption/ efficiency index, etc.) so as to further facilitate upper level management. User-friendly plant-wide assets modeling, enabling graphical configuration of logistics/ energy flow, measurement index formulation and statistics, which can be traced and visualized in an onion model layer by layer.