webfield GCS Series

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Webfield® GCS Series

GCS Series delivers flexible solutions for complex remote supervisory, measurement and control of distributed equipments. The core products include net-enhanced hybrid control system G5 and remote terminal unit G3. Designed with UCP network architecture, high-speed logical and interlock control capacity, abundant industrial function operation blocks and complete control strategy, GCS Series can satisfy continuous or semi-continuous industrial process of different scales, such as oil&gas field, pipelines, tankfarm, public utilities, etc.

Our Product



Medium-to-large Scale Networked PLC

G5 adpots UCP communication network, full redundancy design and easy-to-use networking functions, can be applied to decentralized sites, covering from a single small device to cross-city and cross-region data acquisition and control, mainly for oil & gas pipelines, rail transit and other major SCADA fields, municipal utilities, etc.


Small-to-medium Scale Distributed PLC

G3, featured with highly compact design, small-point stand-alone control, and supports field installation in a variety of harsh environments, can meet the needs of high-density distributed applications in line with the industrial characteristics.