Electromagnetic Flowmeter

EMF89 Series

Electromagnetic flowmeter is composed of a sensor and a converter. It works based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction and is used to measure the electrical conductivity of the fluid. CP60 electromagnetic flowmeter is a high-precision and high-reliability product that has been continuously upgraded and improved. It can be used to measure the acid, alkali, salt solution, pulp, pulp, waste water, such as conductive medium, the medium not containing more ferromagnetic material and a large number of air bubbles, widely used in metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, environmental protection, petroleum, textile, food industries and municipal administration, water conservancy construction in the areas of flow measurement.

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Clamped Type Sensor

Clamped type sensor with full stainless steel shell and the lining material meets the health requirements, specifical design for the industries of food, beverage and medicine. The technological process often needs regular cleaning and disinfection. To remove conveniently, the sensor generally in the form of clamp fitting connects with the measured pipe.

Tread Type Sensor

Tread type sensor breaks through the conventional design of electromagnetic flowmeter. It makes up the fatal flaw of some flow meters in the field of small flow measurement. It has the advantage of light and handy appearance, convenient installation, wide measuring range and hard to clogged, etc.

Flange Type Sensor

Flange type sensor uses the way of connecting the flange with the pipe, has various types of electrode material and lining material for choosing. The sensor and converter can be combined into the integrated electromagnetic flowmeter or split electromagnetic flowmeter.

Holder Type Sensor

Holder type sensor uses the flangeless design. It has the advantage of integrated structure, lightweight and convenient remove. Using short measuring pipe is beneficial to remove the dirt from the pipe wall.

Insertion Type Sensor

Insertion type sensor and various converters combined into the insertion electromagnetic flowmeter, mainly used in measuring the flow of large diameter, it has the advantage of convenient installation and cheap price. In particular, after using the technology of hot-tapping and installation with pressure, insertion electromagnetic flowmeter can be installed in case of continuous flow, and also can be installed on cast-iron pipes and cement pipes.