Isolated Barrier

HD5500 Series

HD5500 series isolated barriers are designed explicitly according to latest national standard for protection of electrical signals located in hazardous areas. Installed in safe areas, HD5500 series Isolated barriers work in company with intrinsically safe instruments located in hazardous areas to guarantee a totally IS explosion protection system. With the inside signal transfer module, HD5500 series isolated barriers can also play the roles of RTD temperature transmitter, thermocouple temperature transmitter and mV transmitter, as well as repeater power supply, solenoid driver and so on.
  • Safety

    All units with IP20 degree of mechanical protection are compliant to GB3836.1-2010 (IEC60079-0: 2007, MOD) and GB3836.4-2010(IEC60079-11: 2006, MOD), and certified for connection into Zone0, Zone1, Zone2, Zone10, Zone11, ⅡC, ⅡB, ⅡA, T1-T6 hazardous areas worldwide.
  • Full Input/Output/Power Supply Isolation

    Full 3-port isolation between the input, output and power supply circuits achieves highly floating systems for the pursuit of extraordinary resistibility to complicated electromagnetic interference from industrial environment.
  • No High-Integrity Earth Needed

    HD5500 series safety barriers need no dedicated ground and consequently eliminate the inherent interference of ground loop.
  • High-Performance Components

    High-performance components are widely adopted for optimal signal integrity, taking into account both high accuracy and low drift of full range.
  • Compact Modular Design

    With the compact modular design, HD5500 series isolated barriers provide a wide application range in the minimum space.