Temperature Instrument

W Series

W series temperature instrument is mainly composed of the resistance temperature detector (RTD), thermoelectric couple (TC), temperature transmitter, integrated temperature transmitter and bimetallic thermometer, and is applicable for temperature measurement in such fields as the petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, materials, food, pharmaceutical, paper, water treatment, road and bridge, building and textile industries.

Features Overview

  • High Precision And Stability

    It features high precision and stability, with the integrated temperature transmitter provided with built-in cold end compensation.
  • Complete Product Range

    The product range is complete, including the RTD, TC, integrated temperature transmitter and bimetallic thermometer, which can be used in special occasions featuring anti-corrosion, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • Safety

    Reference standards: GB 3836.1-2010 Explosive Atmospheres – Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment, GB 3836.2 2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Atmospheres-Part 2: Flameproof "d".